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Cast & Characters
(in the order of importance)

1. The Prostitute

Padmapriya (as Kunju Pennu the prostitute)

Sona Nair (as Thresya her senior)

Sreejith (as Pappukutty her lover)

Manoj K.Jayan (as her old customer)

M.K.Gopalakrishnan (as Policeman)

Raju(as Policeman)

Sreekumar (as Magistrate)

Aliyar (as bench-clerk)

2. The Virgin

Geetu Mohandas (The girl)

M.R.Gopakumar (The sickly father)

Rosilin (Mother)

Nandulal (The Bridegroom)

Ampootty (The neighbour)

3. The Housewife

Manju Pillai (The housewife)

Mukesh (The visitor)

Murali (The husband

4. The Spinster

Nandita Das (The spinster)

Kavya Madhavan (Younger sister)

Lalita (The mother)

Ashokan (Elder brother)

Ramya Nambisan (The youngest sister)

Ravi Vallathol (Younger sister’s husband)