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Invited to 51st  London Film Festival

Critic Christopher Mckinnon in Toronto film festival bulletin

Six time FIPRESCI prize winning director Adoor Gopalakrishnan gives us Four Women adapted from short stories by Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai.

In four parts, Gopalakrishsnan;s Four Women delves into the stories of four women, each representing an archetype – The Virgin, The Prostitute, The Housewife and The Spinster.
Each woman struggles with and against the role that society assigns her. The former prostitute believes she has found an honourable ( if humble) life, only to discover she cannot simply walk away from her past. The young bride was uneager to marry is scandalized when her husband abandons her without performing his husbandly duties. A woman finds herself alone and out of prospects after suitor asks to marry her younger sister instead. Another must decide if she must commit adultery with suave old flame, or face a life of childlessness with her husband. Though the stories told with exquisite attention to particular time and place, Gopalakrishnan masterfully builds the themes toward the universal.